About EASE Recovery Group

Whether you are starting on a new path, or have been disappointed before by a
program that put profits before people, EASE is here for you. All rehabs care
about is filling beds, while EASE has NO beds to fill. Our “at-home” program
comes to you — allowing you to live your life, work your job, and sleep in your own bed. By distilling the process down to what works and discarding the unnecessary, EASE provides a streamlined and effective approach to lasting inner healing.

We take healing back to its simplest and purest form. Rather than aggregating our clients into a “one-size-fits-all” methodology, EASE recognizes the uniqueness in everyone’s life path and meets people where they are. This sensible, yet unique approach is far less stressful than the average recovery experience and its practical nature is easily integrated into your day-to-day life.

Ross Feinstein


Ross Feinstein, the CEO and founder of EASE Recovery Group, has dedicated his life to truth. In his own struggle to find freedom from addiction, Ross realized that the current rehab model was one that kept people sick and alone while billions of dollars were being generated on the backs of their suffering. Ross knew there had to be a better way. After his 13th time in rehab, Ross committed to finding a new path. With the intention set, it was only a matter of time before he met Jim. Fast forward… Ross is living the life that those in rehabs and the rooms of AA told him was impossible. They said there was no cure, and he sought to prove them wrong. As it turns out, the answer was there all along, being missed by those seeking a higher power outside of themselves. For him, EASE is more than a business; it’s his life’s mission.

Lama James “Jim” Harding

Vice President

A major aspect of what makes EASE so amazing, is the fact that we only work with the best of the best, holding an incredibly high standard of who represents us. And Jim is at as high a caliber of teacher of meditation and yoga as it gets. With over 50 (yes 50) years of experience under his belt, Jim brings with him a level of experience, knowledge, and wisdom, that you would be hard pressed to find in similar programs, let alone traditional rehab models. At the age of 5, Jim began studying yoga and meditation, and would go on to teach many hundreds of individuals including Buddhist monks. While EASE does not formally recognize itself as a “buddhist” center for a variety of reasons, it is no secret that the teachings of ancient tibet hold great power and capability. It is hard to understand unless you have experienced it yourself, but the transmission of teachings from that of someone like Jim, is on another level from most of what is available to people today.

Jill Cox


Nearly twenty years ago, Jill E. started utilizing meditation and exercise to transform self destructive habits, heal herself, and guide her life, which is still an essential part of her daily routine. Jill’s work in the helping field began in 2004, when she obtained her Bachelors in Special Education. Jill E. has used this degree in a variety of capacities to assist individuals with various mental, physical, emotional, and social challenges in reaching their highest potential. Through this, Jill E. discovered her passion and gift for counseling people in all areas of their lives. She then moved into the mental health field where she mentored females with complex traumas in self care and daily living skills. During that time, Jill E. also obtained her Masters in Counseling and interned at a residential facility for substance abuse treatment. Jill uses a holistic yet personalized approach to counseling which makes her counseling style, the perfect modern supplementation to the fundamentally alternative nature of EASE.


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